What is the best kind of wreath?

A free wreath, of course! In preparation of our basement’s upcoming demolition, I have been clearing out all of the miscellaneous stuff that ended up there after having found no other home in our new house. Among the finds was our old coffee machine and a whole package of coffee filters. Since we received a new Keurig as a wedding gift, we have no use for the filters. As I was staring at them this project popped into my head and I thought, I can do that! I cut a cardboard cereal box  into the shape I wanted (instead of using the green form) and started hot gluing the filters onto my make-shift form.

I was skeptical of how this would turn out, but I figured the whole project cost me nothing but a half hour of my time (during which I was watching Saturday Night Live streaming on Netflix) so it wouldn’t be a huge loss. But, after trimming and tweaking the wreath and adding some ribbon to hang it from our window, I kind of like it! And I’m very proud that I did it myself, for free!

I was going to add a bow on it, but I’m undecided…so we’ll see!

P.S. The Keurig is one of my favorite wedding presents…it is amazing!


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